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Java application for watching near real-time lightning activity on Your cell-phone or PDA trough WI-FI or GPRS.

SPARK.CLX is FREE software using free data obtained from web sites running NexStorm lightning display

and analysis software for Boltek lightning detectors.

So You can watch the lifecycles of storms and there history also.


Software download and instructions : http://www.astrogenic.com/spark.html

Compatible devices : http://www.astrogenic.com/spark_devices.html


After the instalation run the apllication and sellect Menu-->Links.

Now in Menu-->Add give the adress and press OK.

To conect sellect Menu-->Connect and press OK.


Vouhead Lightning Detector ->  http://weather.vouhead.gr/lightning

SV2BZQ Lightning Detector ->  http://www.sv2bzq.gr/spark

  (SV2BZQ) Thessaloniki Ionia Lat: N 40°41'19" - Lon: E 22°51'37"

   This data is not to be used for protection of life and property  
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